Bourbon Barrel Lid

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An authentic bourbon barrel lid from Kentucky is a rare find! Each piece can be laser engraved to your specifications and each one is unique.

The lids are made from pieces of wood that are tongue and groove and are reinforced in the back with a crosspiece. Every lid is different and may contain gaps or imperfections in the wood, as is to be expected from a barrel lid.  Please consider that part of the charm in this piece.

They measure 21" in diameter and are heavy. I recommend hanging them with a French Cleat, which you can easily find on Amazon.

Please note that if you decide to choose the option to make this a tray with handles, it may not sit flush on the table due to the crosspiece.  Solo stove covers may also not sit flush because of the braces on the back to keep the slats together. 

Please tell me how you would like your bourbon barrel lid personalized.

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